"Through the magic of the kid and the horse"


Adults who may be parents of current members, past members or simply would like to assist in teaching children how to ride are welcome to apply for adult membership within the California Rangers. Instructors and adult members are all volunteers who are not paid for their participation. The California Rangers is an organization dedicated to developing the relationship between the kid and the horse, therefore adult members are noncompetitive participants who donate their time to assist the youth of our organization.

There are several levels of adult membership which one may choose is best suited for them.

  • Officer In Training (OIT) is an adult over the age of 21 who is attending a six month training period with a designated Troop Commander to learn about all aspects involved with becoming a Senior Officer inside and outside of the riding arena. OIT's are expected to wear a full Officers uniform without rank until he/she has graduated from the six month training period.

  • Senior Officer or Field Trained Member is an adult over the age of 21 who has graduated his/her six month training period and is deemed responsible for supervising youth activities and assigned to a designated Troop, Post or Regimental Assignment. Senior Officers are expected to wear a full officers uniform and are given an appropriate rank to his/her level of knowledge (most Senior Officers begin at the rank of 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenants are not allowed to supervise a Troop alone).

  • Associate Member is a non-field trained member who is over the age of 21 which participates in activities outside of the riding arena and may not supervise youth activities alone. Associate Members may become Troop Adjutants (who are responsible for maintaining the Troop books and the handling of money for each Troop to be turned in to the Regiment). They may also be involved with committees to assist in the development of our organization such as fundraising, alumni and other events. Associate Members may also choose to participate in the organizations Board of Directors.

As with all participants of the California Rangers, an adult member should understand that commitment to the organization and it's cadets can be time consuming but is necessary to the development of the youth members and can be a rewarding experience. The supervisory position of the adult member is what keeps the California Rangers running. As it is the adult member who acts as instructor, safety manager and mentor the importance of this role must be heavily considered prior to accepting this responsibility. Dedicated and consistent adult leaders are necessary for the stability of each Troop and the growth of it's members.

Interested adults who wish to become a part of our organization should first determine how much time he/she is willing to commit and what level of membership would best suit them. Potential members should familiarize themselves with several portions of our web site to better understand our organization: Today, What is Expected, as well as our CR Handbook(.pdf). It is required that interested adults should go out to a Troop night and see how our organization is run on a Troop level and speak with fellow officers to better understand the adult role in our organization.

Should you determine that the California Rangers is the organization for you, contact the appropriate officer to the location which you wish to participate and fill out an adult member application. Applicants are required to appear before the organizations Board of Directors at one of the monthly meetings where he/she will be interviewed and his/her application will be reviewed. The applicant will be contacted following the interview and advised of acceptance. For adult members seeking Senior Officer status they will be designated a Troop where he/she will be trained.




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