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The format for the CA Rangers Academic Decathlon is not unlike a TV game called "Jeopardy". Cadets of equal rank (Remounts, Troopers/TFCs, Lance Corporals/Corporals, Sergeants, Cadet Commanders) compete among themselves, usually in groups of 5-7 per heat. In the past, a total of 260 points could be earned by each rank.

The competition consists of two categories - MILITARY SCIENCE and EQUINE SCIENCE. Each category is comprised of the following point distribution:

  • five - 5 point questions

  • five - 5 point questions

  • four - 10 point questions

  • three - 15 point questions

  • one - 20 point question

The cadet who responds the quickest and who answers the question correctly is awarded the appropriate point value.

The number of times a particular individual competes in that year's Academic Decathlon is determined by the number of cadets competing for that particular rank affiliation. For example, we may have 2-3 heats of Remounts competing which requires a final competition among 2-3 heat winners for the Remount rank. That cadet winning the Academic Decathlon for a particular rank is awarded the First Place Academic Decathlon ribbon at the Regimental Dinner.

At the discretion of the Regimental Commander, a Troop may also be awarded the Deacon Award or First Place Academic Decathlon ribbon (for the Troop) if that Troop wins the competition for three of the five rank categories.

Quick reaction time and correct responses are advantageous. Typically, the Academic Decathlon is held on a Saturday or Sunday in November. The decathlon was instituted to advocate academic excellence among our cadets. The competition promotes an individual's initiative to learn but also strives to instill confidence in those cadets who want to compete in CA Rangers but may not yet possess a competitive riding ability.

Traditionally, promotional testing occurs on the same day. Each Troop Commander is responsible for nominating candidates for promotion to his/her Post Commander, the Military Science Officer and ultimately to the Regimental Commander. At the discretion of the Regimental Commander, a candidate may be considered for a double promotion. Cadets are responsible for knowing information contained in specific chapters in the Horse Industry Handbook (and corresponding chapters in the CA Rangers Handbook). Specific chapter assignments are made by the Military Science Officer in the Academic Decathlon/Promotional Testing memo to the Regimental Commander.




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