"Through the magic of the kid and the horse"


Prior to making any commitment to join the California Rangers, interested families are suggested to make three "guest rides" with any one troop in order to make sure that our organization is right for you. There is no one troop that is better then the other. Each troop has a different style of teaching and different aged cadets. A parent/ guardian MUST be present during the first guest ride and is encouraged to be at all rides. Below is a list of things to know for your first guest ride:

  1. A Waiver and Release of Liability needs to be filled out with original signatures and turned in to the troop Adjutant prior to your child riding. Download Form

  2. A Ranch Release (Post 1 - Monet Verde Trails Ranch, Post 2- Don-E-Brook Farms) needs to be filled out and turned in to the troop Adjutant prior to your child riding. You can get this form from the troop Adjutant.

  3. A California Ranger Emergency Contact Information and Medical Authorization form needs to be completely filled out and turned in to the troop Adjutant. Download Form

  4. IMPORTANT: If your child is on prescription medication, requires allergy medicine or uses an asthma inhaler please make the Troop Commander aware and make a note of it on the back of the California Ranger Emergency Contact Information and Medical Authorization form so that possible emergency services are aware of what is in the child's system.

  5. Wear long pants that you don't mind getting dirty (avoid riding in sweats or stretch-pants as they have a tendency to slide in the saddle).

  6. Avoid wearing shirts or tank tops which are too big and can get caught on the saddle, or which prevent officers from easily judging your posture in the saddle.

  7. Wear tough durable shoes (tuck your shoe laces inside the shoe before riding), wear riding boots if you have them.

  8. During winter months, bring a coat which can either button or zipper up all the way and allows for easy movement in the shoulders and arms.

  9. Hair should be up and out of the face in either a braid or bun. Do not use "claw" or "banana" clips when riding horses.

  10. Any form of ear jewelry is not authorized and must be removed for Safety reasons.. If you have a new piercing you may keep it in for up to 4 weeks (must be completely bandaged). Additionally, make sure all necklaces and bracelets are tucked underneath your clothing and cannot catch on any equipment.

  11. Do not wear sunglasses. If you wear prescription eye glasses it is recommended that you buy a durable eye glass cord or strap which keeps your glasses around your neck should they fall. Note: during summer months dust and wind can cause extreme irritation to contact lens wearers, make sure your Troop Commander is aware you need to wear sunglasses for protection.

  12. Bring $25 CASH (or advised amount) for the rental of the horse.

  13. Arrive at 5:45 pm and the Troop Commanders will introduce the you to all of the cadets present and assign a member to assist you with your first ride. Cadets will be dismissed to go home after the ride and meeting roughly between 8:00 and 8:45 pm.

  14. As each of our participating ranches also house other organizations and private horse owners, members are requested to behave quietly and respectfully towards all non-Ranger individuals and never leave the troop area alone.

  15. Parents should stay and watch their child's first three guest rides rather than dropping them off and returning at the end of the night.

  16. When you decides to join, you must complete and turn in to the troop Adjutant the following forms: (1) Application Registration Card , (2) Medical Examination report and pay a one time $20 registration fee. (Please make a check out to the California Rangers)




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