"Through the magic of the kid and the horse"


While World War II was still in progress, the California State Militia, which was an arm of the Ninth Army Service Command, formed a Junior Mounted Militia to aid the southern sector in local patrol and civil defense duties. This group of juniors was composed of high school age boys, and was commanded by militia officers. The combination of military science techniques and horse cavalry proved to be a great benefit to the young members, as they developed a high degree of initiative and character. As a consequence, a Charter was issued by the State of California on February 25, 1944, designating that this program be continued under the name of the California Rangers, and that it be directed by a non-profit corporation. In the early years all troops rode English, or flat saddle, but soon the Western saddle was introduced to the ranks. Both styles of riding are currently taught and membership is open to boys and girls between the ages of nine and eighteen.

The purpose of the organization is to teach its members the fundamentals of horseback riding, precision drill maneuvers, military science and horse animal husbandry/physiology. Because the organization functions as a quasi-military organization, its members are taught to have respect for each other and for the senior officer staff, and to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Cadets ride competitively both within the organization (there are currently two Posts in the Regiment, each consisting of four distinct Troops) and in outside competitions. This competitive environment, combined with the military structure, results in the development of leadership qualities, self-respect, and mental and physical discipline in our cadets. All members have the ability to promote within the organization by excelling in those concepts to which the organization ascribes: attitude, ability, respect, responsibility, attendance, horsemanship and Regimental knowledge.




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