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The Mr. & Ms. California Ranger Competition is an annual contest for cadet members within the California Rangers who vie to win the title representing our organization as the ideal California Ranger. The Competition is a yearlong event with various challenges throughout the Ranger year (between Regimental Ball to Regimental Ball). The scores for the entire competition are tallied and the winner with the highest overall score announced at the Regimental Ball closing the Ranger year.

Secondary Awards will be presented for each of the below categories comprising the events in the annual competition.

HorsemanshipIndividual Equitation-Scored at four Post Shows and one Regimental Show by one or more qualified judges.
Military ScienceWritten examination
ScholarshipScored from report card grade point average.
PersonalityJudged by 3-5 outside judges. Scored at a casual party (informal) and judged formally at the Regimental Ball.

All participants must submit a personality essay, which includes their hobbies, school activities, and number of years of involvement with California Rangers. The personality essay must be submitted ON OR BEFORE the Regimental Show of the competing year. Any contestant who wishes to be dropped from the contest for any reason must notify the Contest Committee in writing.

Cadets considering entering the annual Mr. & Ms. California Ranger Competition should keep in mind although the actual contest does demand a great amount of time, winning the title of Mr. or Ms. California Ranger does come with a variety of duties which may require additional commitment to the organization. Winners must attend all shows, General Membership Meetings, fundraisers and functions and should visit each troop within the organization to help promote the contest. He/she may also be required to attend outside events and represent our organization and should be considered a role model for other cadets within the California Rangers. Contestants should keep in mind that it is rather common not to win the contest on a cadets first attempt through the competition.

If you have further questions please contact the Mr. & Ms. Committee Chairperson 1st. Lt. Theresa Kruger at




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