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California Rangers awards a few different scholarships each year at the Regimental Ball.

The first is the The California Ranger Scholarship. It was started in 1983 to assist cadets to further their education. In 2013 a new scholarship was added to the program by the former Miss California Ranger Jamie Lemus and family. It is called the Minnie's Honor Scholarship. It was established in memory of Minnie, a beloved Eagle Troop horse.

The California Ranger Scholarship is awarded to five cadets in the amount of $1,000 each. The scholarship is open to current Rangers and siblings up to age 21. The money can be used for tuition at a community college, four-year college or university of the recipient’s choice and/ or education related items such as books, etc.

The Minnie's Honor Scholarship is also a $1,000 per recipient educational scholarship. It is awarded to former Rangers that are persuing a veterinary or equine science major at an accredited college, university or graduate program.

Scholarships may be awarded more than once to the same Ranger in subsequent years, if all qualifications are met.



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