"Through the magic of the kid and the horse"



Maria Martinez (read her speech)

My family and I moved to California in August of 2009. My aunt, 1st Lt Legge, already had plans for me to join Rangers. I will always be thankful to her because this organization helped me give my first steps towards adapting to my new life. I joined Troop A when I was 14 and though I was on the older side I wanted to take full advantage of everything this organization offers. I became part of the elite Eagle team in 2012 and was in it for two amazing years. I also tried out in the Mr. and Miss California Ranger competitions three times.

Rangers has been such an important part of my life, I really don’t know where I’d be if I hadn't joined. It has taught me self-respect, time management and how to speak up. I want to be able to teach these and more to all other cadets in the Regiment because I want to help them as much as other cadets and officers have helped me.

I don’t think of the California Rangers as the horseback riding group I am a part of. This organization is my second family.


Dalton Caldwell (read his speech)

When I was eleven, I was introduced to the California Rangers. I didn’t have have much structure in my life. I didn’t have much direction. I certainly didn’t know how to ride a horse. After several months in the organization, learning the ropes from strangers who would become my closest friends, I received a jacket bearing my troop’s emblem. Printed on the back: “Drive, Desire, Dedication, Determination.” These truly embody the Ranger spirit that became such a large part of my life. As I grew and promoted through the organization, my commitment to my team grew as well. I found I was continuously driven to better myself, not for my sake, but for that of my team. This organization has afforded me many opportunities to broaden my skillset. I have learned to be a successful team member and team leader, I have learned professional interview and public interaction skills, and I have learned general life skills that will serve me in being a productive community member wherever I go. To say the California Rangers is an equestrian organization is simply unjust, as it is far more. It is a school of leadership, of character, and of respect, and I can confidently enter the world knowing I will be able to overcome any challenge I may face

Jessie Adams (read her speech)

My name is Jessie Adams and I have been in California Rangers for eight years. I am currently the Cadet Commander of Troop H and I am Miss California Ranger for 2013. Rangers has had a huge impact on my life and has helped shape who I am as a person. This amazing organization has taught me about teamwork, respect, leadership, and horsemanship. Also, I have met some of my closest friends and created incredible bonds with people that I would never have known if it wasn't for joining Rangers. I was introduced to Rangers by one of my friend's older sisters and I have been thankful and in love with the program since my first troop night. I can honestly say that I don't know what my life would be like if I had never joined Rangers.


Nicky Douglas (read his speech)

I joined Rangers in Troop B in August of 2006 at age eleven. I had no real prior experience in dealing with equines of any variety and was quite shaky in the saddle. In fact, during my equitation class at my very first show, I don't think I ever let go of the horn of the saddle. But, at every troop night, I think I got a little bit more confident until eventually, my riding had advanced to be mediocre. Then, in the fall of 2008, I tried out for the Eagle troop of the California Rangers and, thankfully, got in. The Eagle troop was an awesome contingent to be in, we were a very close-knit group who worked hard in order to perfect our drill which we would then demonstrate at shows as far way as Reno, Nevada. The Eagle troop provided a second family for all of it's members and many of us would agree that joining Eagles is one of the better decisions we made in our lives. I ended up riding with the Eagles for five of my seven years in Rangers.

Throughout 2011, I competed in the Mr./Miss California Ranger competition and eventually became the 2012 Mr. California Ranger. By far, the thing that I liked the most about being Mr. California Ranger was getting to go out and meet all of the Cadets of the Regiment.

Joining Rangers was an awesome stroke of luck for me, and I would trade all for the experiences, memories, and friendships from Rangers for nothing.

Jamie Lemus (read her speech)

My name is Jamie Lemus and I am Miss California Ranger 2012. California Rangers is an organization that instilled in me a passion for leadership while combining a love for horseback riding and an opportunity for personal development. Through troop nights, Eagle practices, and the numerous competitions I have learned what dedication, respect, loyalty, humble competition and commitment are and how to put these abstract values into practice. It is these values that helped me get into a well respected university within the equine industry. What I have learned from California Rangers will continue with me for the rest of my life and help make me a better student, employee, and person


Cheyenne Davenport (coming soon)



Emma Heer (read her speech)


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