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The California Rangers Eagle Troop is comprised of the best riders from all of our eight troops to form an elite team who represent the organization to the outside public. These cadets are expected to not only participate in their regular weekly troop activities but to also participate in extra practice rides, fundraisers and shows as part of their membership in the Eagle Troop.

A normal Eagle season runs from February to September every year, including various exhibitions, competitions and parades. The Eagle Troop's competitive drill squad includes sixteen cadets; four cadets carry the color guard flags (American, CA State, WSETA and California Ranger flag) and all other cadets carry pennants. Members ride in the cavalry style McClellan saddles and perform a military precision drill directed by whistle commands. Drills are often choreographed to music and can range from 6 to 12 minutes in length depending on the event.

Although these young members of The Eagle Troop are amateur equestrians their dedication and standards of excellence require each cadet to exhibit a level of concentration and training similar to that of a professional athlete.

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